Wednesday, February 22, 2012

i am back just as promised

Well today has been  an unusual kind odd day. When i woke this morning it was just like spring outside and now, this evening is snowing! The ground is covered!
  As promised I am back. I have been reading my "dummies"  book.
 I want to try a  Brand New Look. Hopefully you will see some the changes soon.  I don't know my way around computers at all, hence buying the "dummies" book.  This is why I have chosen "blogger "for my blog. They promise fast and easy set up far that is sooooooooooooo true! now its up to me to make things look the way i want....................... ya right!  We will see. One thing I promise will be colourful.
lots of green anyway!!!!
 talk soon, off to play

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passion flower

passion flower
how sweet it is!