Thursday, February 23, 2012

my boys.

i have been playing around with my blog trying to find a new look. well that took  me well over 3 hours and still cant figure out just what i want.
 while i am messing about with designing this blog i want to introduce you to my boy"spike" the chesty guy and "madisson" the little fellow.
 madisson is close to 5 years old now. what is a little whipper snapper.............. go..... go......... gooooooooooooo. he never stops!!
 spike is i guess coming up to 4 years old now. we found him on a web site for dogs that needed a new home. boy he is one huge suck. he is a very loving guy, kissing all the time, and ohhhhhh ya he loves to sleep.
 we are suppose to get lots of snow here tonight . it might be a tough drive to work in the morning.
 so have fun and enjoy your evening.
 if you post to me i am still trying to figure out how to  read them, how to reply to them and how to reply to comments and just about everything else i should be doing to make this blog work for me.
 so thanks for your patients and hang in there with me. one day i will figure this all out. oh ya i am still reading the "dummies" book. maybe i should have bought a book for "idiots" on blogs instead!!
 till tomorrow   bye bye

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passion flower

passion flower
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